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Books by L M Allen

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Lay Me Bare #1

'A sensual, sensational novel. A romantic must-read for 2021' Reader's Digest


'It's all that fans of contemporary erotic fiction could ask for...filled with scorching encounters to savour' SWNS


'First erotic romance hit of 2021...Allen is an expert at ramping up the tension' Real Fix


Are you ready to meet 'temptation personified'?


A honeytrap is supposed to be tempting, not tempted. So when Will Hunter, the legendary but retired owner of London's most exclusive honeytrap agency, is faced with a mark his trappers just can't catch, he finds himself in a sticky situation.


Eva Adams is an independent, man-free zone. With good reason. But when she meets her handsome and mysterious new client, she is drawn into Will's sensual world with no hope of escaping unscathed.


With her dangerous and obsessed ex looming, Eva is in danger. Can Will turn the tables and convince Eva he's a risk worth taking?

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Bared to You #2

Turn up the heat and get up close and personal with Will Hunter, the legendary owner of London's most exclusive honeytrap agency. He doesn't believe in love. Why would he? He's bedded hundreds of women. All of them married. And all of them wanted more.


All it takes for anyone to cheat is the right looks, with the right words, at the right time. Right? And he should know.


That's what he thought. He believed it all his life, until he met Eva Adams. The one mark his honeytraps can't land. She is the woman he didn't believe in. The only woman he ever wanted to want him. So when she falls for him too, their relationship attracts all the wrong kinds of attention.


Can Will overcome his demons and learn to trust? To believe in love? Or will a ghost from his past wipe out his future?


Bared To You is the second book in the Lay Me Bare steamy romance trilogy. It is recommended that these books be read in order. It is told from Will's point of view over the same time frame as book one.

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Bare All #3

The final book in the Lay Me Bare steamy romance trilogy, Bare All is the ultimate tale of betrayal.


With a ghost from the past hell-bent on revenge, Will and Eva are the targets of an elaborate plan designed to tear them apart.

History is set to repeat itself unless someone can break the cycle:  Lust, love, loss, repeat. When hearts are made to be broken and secrets are only meant to be whispered on pillows, trust is a valuable commodity. But is the price too high?


To keep the past where it belongs they must both tread their own paths, face their own demons and wage their own wars. But will it be enough to bring them back together?


It is recommended that the series be read in order

Dirty Diary #0

Love doesn't knock on your front door every day, but boy when it does...


Gary Lucas, London's top lawyer and the estranged son of a mafia boss, has been in love with the same woman sine they were children. Now, Bells is divorced and heading towards his safe, isolated life like a hurricane.


In this steamy prequel to the 'Lay Me Bare' series, readers are invited to go way back in time and fall deeper.

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