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'A sensual, sensational novel. A romantic must-read for 2021' Reader's Digest


'It's all that fans of contemporary erotic fiction could ask for...filled with scorching encounters to savour' SWNS


'First erotic romance hit of 2021...Allen is an expert at ramping up the tension' Real Fix

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About L M Allen

L M Allen is the author of steaming hot love stories that captivate readers' hearts and imaginations. With a talent for crafting vivid characters, intricate plotlines and sizzling scenes, Allen has become a beloved name in the world of romance literature. Allen's books are filled with love, longing, and hope, taking readers on emotional journeys that stay with them long after they've turned the final page. This website is the perfect place to learn more about L M Allen, discover new books, and connect with her on socials.

L M Allen's Books

Get ready to meet temptation personified.

When the honeytrap falls for the mark, things are bound to get sticky.

When you can't believe your eyes, trust your heart.

My Books

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Reader Reviews

The twists and emotional roller coaster in this book are brilliant and enthralling. I loved every single second of it!

Wow, this book is something I picked up and was totally worth it.
I loved it. full of action. Suspense and, of course, love ❤️

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